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Why should you take this course?

We have designed this course for divers training to be dive guides and dive instructors, but all divers can gain a lot from learning more about the diving environment, the physics of diving, dive equipment, the physiology of diving and decompression theory. This course will help you to understand what is happening and why it happens before, during, and after a dive. It is the ideal way to prepare for theory exams for dive professionals, or to get to know the theory behind your hobby. We hope you will enjoy learning about the thing you love: diving.

How is the course structured?

This dive theory course consists 5 sections with in total 35 lessons: 13 small text lessons and 22 video’s (two and a half hours of video in total) and a quiz after each section. There is extra material to practice, and we included many informative links to sites and video’s that deal more in depth with the subject. This is a complete dive theory course, and it will take around 15 hours to complete it.

Are there any prerequisites?

You need no prior knowledge to do this course.

How to Use This Course


scuba theory for pro's and dive die-hards course navigation

  • Use the navigation panel on the right hand side to navigate to any lesson or quiz.
  • Use the navigation buttons at the top of each page to go to the previous/next lesson or quiz.
  • Most of the lessons are videos, some lessons are text and pictures. There is a quiz at the end of each section and a final quiz at the end of the course.


dive theory forums links and downloads

  • At the bottom of the page of every lesson there is a green button. You can click this button to ask a question about the lesson in our forums.
  • There is an external links section, which will point you towards external websites for further study. There is a downloads section, where you can download the text for lesson in PDF format, and in the Physics of Diving this section also has practice exercises for your to download.


dive theory quiz

  • At the end of each section there is a quiz, which you can navigate to at any time using the navigation panel. Use this quiz to test your knowledge of the section. You can take the quiz as many times as you like.


review dive theory quiz questions

  • At the end of the quiz click the 'View Questions' button to view your correct and incorrect answers.


correct and incorrect dive theory quiz questions explained

  • Your correct and incorrect answers will be displayed along with an explantion. If you got the answer incorrect there will be a link to click for you to review the relevant lesson.


Note: For the Physics of Diving section you will need a calculator.






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