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    14 Sep 2017 The Guild Wars 2 wiki has a couple of fantastic charts to make farming . If you don’t mind gambling then the Ecto gamble might be for you.
    18 Jan 2018 You may think thats actually easy to do but assuming you get a huge win in ecto which will allow you to buy several Glob of Destabilized
    22 Jun 2016
    There are a couple ways of getting money in Guild Wars 2 and the best way in the market to get their gold, the other two methods both referred to as “ecto No expansions needed, but I would recommend them if only for the build versatility.
    All throughout the month of June, I did some Ecto Gambles, at first I did each rollbut then near the end I just said screw it and put it all in one
    GW2 Profits Mystic’s Gold Profiting Guide That’s ~5g/hour (@ 40s/ecto), but obviously can’t be done continuously as there’s not always a world boss going on.
    I had a bunch of Ecto after some an impulse buying spree, and decided to kill time I hope this guide helps others with an itchy finger for RNG.
    Your helpful companion for everything Guild Wars 2 related.
    If you like to gamble, you can try the ecto gambling at the casino. You can purchase different tiers of boxes that give you some
    Quick Start Guide So you decided you want to try GW2 TacO, but not sure how to but I TACO Overlay; GW2 Personal Assistant Overlay; Ecto Gambling Woes.

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