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    Autoguider Calculator AutoGuider Calculator V4.00. Autoguider Calculator AutoGuider ST80, Orion Atlas EQ-g mount, Orion SSAG guider.
    Depending on your telescope, autoguiding starts to become useful at exposure times rotation (Autoguiding an alt-az mount does not make it into an equatorial mount.); . Certain guide cameras can do this calculation themselves, with built-in
    Guiding is the process of assisting the telescope mount to keep a celestial . Autoguiders require a controller to calculate the changes in apparent motion of the
    Auto-Guiding for Astrophotography on an Equatorial Mounting. A CCD autoguider has a computer that constantly makes short exposures to take a picture . A local sidereal time calculator will tell you when objects are on the meridian whereThis is more like it, as means an auto-guider with small pixels does not need as long your mount/seeing/image scale allows, plug it in to the formula above and
    AUTO-GUIDER CALCULATOR (Version 4.00). AutoGuider Calculator Instructions: Here we try to determine when we want your mount to actually make a
    I’ve been guiding using PHD on my EQ5 & Orion Starshoot Autoguider for a while. I recently hooked up a QHY5-ll to do some planetary work
    3 Jan 2012 Anyone know a formula for calculating Min Motion setting for PHD . Autoguider Image Scale: 0.85 arcsec/pixel (Lodestar, not image camera) Without an upper limit, the guider may go chasing after a calculated centroid that has nothing to do with the error in the mount. Other Sky & Telescope Resources.
    20 Jul 2017 Cameras for Autoguiding with a Guide Scope; 7. Putting It All A good equatorial mount is a must-have for astrophotography. But even the best
    8 Aug 2006 A guidescope attaches to the main telescope via mounting rings that allow it or calculate the object’s expected motion and move your guidestar slowly An autoguider can use a modest, low-cost CCD (or CMOS) detector,

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